Princeton Club

Princeton Club of New York, NY


The Princeton Club is both institutional as a non-profit and commercial in its offerings of the usual revenue generating hotel functions: restaurants, event-hosting and catering, hotel rooms and service and sports facilities. Chandler was initially hired in 2001 by competitive bidding for the first of four separate projects over the next nine years for the 10 story 60,000 square foot club. The most recent project was a major renovation prompted by a need to replace outdated and failing mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems. Deficiencies became apparent in earlier renovations for a new members lounge, business center and bedroom suites. In 2007 Chandler led feasibility studies for core plant replacement. The studies suggested a reorganization of spaces to better serve membership in the 21st century as well as to save in operations costs. A cogeneration system was selected as the best option to maximize energy efficiency with projected savings of 50% in energy costs. The project was registered for a US Green Building Council with the target of a LEED-EB Gold certification.



Project Type  -    Commercial
Location  -    New York, NY


Project Management

  • Master project management development package to maintain operations of the club throughout the renovations on a fast track design/build schedule
  • Master budgets and schedules including detailed tracking of all component line items
  • Permitting, approvals, incentives and grants
  • Requisition review and payment recommendations to Owner
  • Requests For Proposals for multiple contracts of architect and all consultants and contractors including two prime contractors, for a total of 35 contracts under management
  • Management and coordination of project team through preconstruction and fast track construction including vetting of numerous change orders incurred with renovations to an existing building
  • Integration of cogeneration contract work with MEP infrastructure upgrade of base building
  • Management of LEED certification program. Proof that “Green” can be beautiful