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Years of experience gained on a variety of projects across the country & overseas inform our work.

“Chandler has been noted as one of the top 500 influencers & players active on Twitter in Architecture,
Engineering, Property, Planning, Development & Construction.”  
–  SustMeme Built Environment
published by McClelland Media, Ltd, in association with Nickel Institute.

“a global view of environmental stewardship — the project team has set a fine example for other practitioners”  
–  Excellence in Historic Preservation Award by The League of Preservation of New York State 

We tailor make solutions to achieve your objectives.




Churches, Healthcare, Universities, Non Profits, etc.


Offices, Multifamily, Resorts, etc.


Municipalities, States, & The Federal Government


Houses, Estates, etc.


  • With many years of experience, we provide a variety of services to owners for projects extending from concept to completion.

  • Our scope of work includes new construction, renovations, energy retrofits, and workout of stalled projects.

  • Over the years we have learned that integrated project teams working in collaboration produce the best results.
  • We have established relationships with strategic partners who share our values in the work ethics of professionalism, with integrity, transparency, & project delivery to meet schedule and budget objectives.


Our expertise is highly leveraged for maximum value as advisor in the
concept stage.


We have been there done that in every aspect of development. We can advise on project structure and execute oversight or direct management.


30% to 50% total energy savings are easily attainable.  Learn more here.


An initial consultation will determine how we can add value to your project.

Princeton Club of New York, NY

Princeton Club of New York, NY

Christ Church, Bronxville, NY

Christ Church, Bronxville, NY

Neighbors to Neighbors, Greenwich, CT  

Neighbors to Neighbors, Greenwich, CT

New England Farm

New England Farm


Chandler thoroughly enjoys & excels in creating unique solutions for challenging projects.


  • We are grounded in the principles and practice of servant leadership
  • Our role is to serve those we lead to allow them to maximize their performance to the benefit of our clients
  • We do so with humility, integrity, respect and cooperation
  • Our approach releases a symbiosis in the project team that creates energy and opportunity
  • Human values are the engine for success
  • We are often described as the perfect symphony conductor



For high performance certified projects, a new dimension of skill sets must be applied. Reports and facts now confirm that sustainability and energy efficiency is good business now and for the long term. Yet other sets of expertise are required and must be managed and coordinated.








“In 2000 through competitive bidding we hired Chandler to guide us in a significant renovation project that was completed in 2001. We subsequently turned to them for another project in 2003. Again in 2007, we engaged Chandler for a major space planning and infrastructure renovation that we are completing in 2009. We have been pleased with their proactive performance in all aspects of our design and construction process. All projects have been complicated in dealing with existing conditions and the necessity of maintaining our revenue producing operations.”
— Larry Hines - GM, The Princeton Club, NY
“A global view of environmental stewardship, storm water management, reducing energy use, reinstating the natural climate control features - the project team has set a fine example for other practitioners”
— Excellence in Historic Preservation Award - The League of Preservation of New York
“I would highly recommend them to any owner. The added value they bring to a project by being involved from the earliest stages should not be underestimated, both in terms of real dollars that can be saved during construction as well as the peace of mind that comes from well organized project planning.”
— Paul Hirsh, President - P&H Construction Group
“We have worked with Steve Hall for several years as our firm (Aether Energy Efficiency, LLC has developed an innovative energy-as-a-service business model for large energy-related projects here in the U.S. and abroad that can provide customers with 100% funding and off-balance sheet treatment while delivering better economics than competing offerings.Serving as our project development advisor, Steve’s extensive experience, expertise and skills in project viability, organization and structure for successful execution serve to supplement and enhance our due diligence efforts on behalf of both ourselves and our investors. Perhaps most applicable to Aether at this point in time is his extensive knowledge of energy efficiency measures and on-site energy generation including renewable energy and hybrid solutions. These skills, coupled with his knowledge of applicable incentives, allows us to formulate the optimal transaction structure and funding package for our clients. “
— John O’Rourke and Adam Seiber
Co-founders - Aether Energy Efficiency, LLC