Campus Office Complex, Gladstone NJ

Steven Hall provided the management, coordination and analysis of extensive studies that were required to initiate the start of this innovative 500,000 square foot award winning campus office project in a rural environment on a 50 acre site. All federal, state and local regulations were carefully evaluated and observed. A complicated approval process was programmed and executed on a critical path schedule. 

The project included a grade separated interchange on a state highway. Poor subsurface conditions unexpectedly appeared just prior to excavation for the buildings. An elaborate field engineering program was devised for grouting of limestone cavities and the design of the pile caps as each pile was driven for the foundation system. 

Management included 22 consultants that were directly and independently contracted to the Owner and formed into an effective team. Project management coordinated the respective work of each at weekly project meetings and with daily communications. 

A construction manager was selected at the end of the analysis of proposals from several pre-qualified construction managers. The project then proceeded on a "fast track" with simultaneous design and construction. Project, cost and schedule controls were established and monitored to keep the project on course.

Project Type -   Office Campus
Location -   Peapack Glad-Stone, NJ

Duplex Condominiums, Westchester, NY

A 40 unit duplex townhouse condominium project on a 10 acre site was conceived to meet the market demand of retirees downsizing from large homes as well as to provide starter homes for young professional working couples Unit sizes vary from 2,700 to 3,100 square feet, designed to afford a feeling of spacious interiors 

The market response was exceptional with a 50% sales velocity in the first 8 months of the 24 month construction schedule. The market demand for custom versus standard options was met with a rapid response of process and procedures to accommodate custom requirements. The owners attributed the sales success to the flexibility of meeting demand with on site program and construction changes 

Chandler provided project management for the Owner as contractor.

Project Type -   Residential
Location -   Westchester, NY




First phase 0f 7 units for planned 21 unit project on brownfield site on local tidal river to include a small marina. The project was managed from and through remediation and schematic design and design development to construction documents. Approvals were navigated to site plan approval and building permits through all numerous intricate and sometimes overlapping federal, state and local regulations. It was a very complicated process dealing with remediation sign offs interlocked with both local inland wetlands as well as federal coastal and marine regulations administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Bidders were carefully prequalified to be both professional and capable for executing the project to meet an ambitious schedule. The task of document preparation for bidding was exceptionally exacting, thorough and tedious to mitigate contractor risk to obtain the best pricing for the owner. Comments from the three bidders reflected the work that went into the bid package for a project budgeted at $14 million that came in with lower bids.

“I have been in the construction industry for 28 years ….All too often we are provided with bid documents which are incomplete, not fully documents lead to delays and surprise costs at best and it worst create a project fraught with friction that could have been avoided by careful planning in the pre-bid stages…. Working with Chandler I have come to appreciate first-band their commitment to avoiding the scenario I just described… they are extremely through in their approach so that nothing is left to fall through the cracks… I would highly recommend then to any owner contemplating a new construction project.”

“….. In our experience, we have found Steve Hall and his team at Chandler to be a competent, thorough and fair owners’ representative. Our most recent experience with Chandler was as one of the bidders on Greenwich Landing, a technically complex waterfront project. The bid process and documentation for Greenwich Landing was extremely through and organized….In closing, I will say that from the perspective of the general contractor, it was always a pleasure to work with Chandler, LLC; their team approach minimizes disruptions, keeps lines of communication working and adds tremendous value for their clients. It would be a pleasure to work with them again.”

“ … My firm has been working with Steve and his organization for the better part of 3 months. At all times Steve has shown the utmost professionalism in his dealings with my firm. Subcontractors and clients alike.”

Project Type -   Commercial
Location -   Greenwich, CT

Princeton Club of New York, NY


The Princeton Club is both institutional as a non-profit and commercial in its offerings of the usual revenue generating hotel functions: restaurants, event-hosting and catering, hotel rooms and service and sports facilities. Chandler was initially hired in 2001 by competitive bidding for the first of four separate projects over the next nine years for the 10 story 60,000 square foot club. The most recent project was a major renovation prompted by a need to replace outdated and failing mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems. Deficiencies became apparent in earlier renovations for a new members lounge, business center and bedroom suites. In 2007 Chandler led feasibility studies for core plant replacement. The studies suggested a reorganization of spaces to better serve membership in the 21st century as well as to save in operations costs. A cogeneration system was selected as the best option to maximize energy efficiency with projected savings of 50% in energy costs. The project was registered for a US Green Building Council with the target of a LEED-EB Gold certification.



Project Type  -    Commercial
Location  -    New York, NY


Project Management

  • Master project management development package to maintain operations of the club throughout the renovations on a fast track design/build schedule
  • Master budgets and schedules including detailed tracking of all component line items
  • Permitting, approvals, incentives and grants
  • Requisition review and payment recommendations to Owner
  • Requests For Proposals for multiple contracts of architect and all consultants and contractors including two prime contractors, for a total of 35 contracts under management
  • Management and coordination of project team through preconstruction and fast track construction including vetting of numerous change orders incurred with renovations to an existing building
  • Integration of cogeneration contract work with MEP infrastructure upgrade of base building
  • Management of LEED certification program. Proof that “Green” can be beautiful

Resort Development


A residential second home village concept for Brazilians based on US engineering and environmental standards was the vision of the Managing Director of Adela based in San Paulo, Brazil. Adela partnered with Brasscan of Brazil to create the vision with a 220 lot condominium village on the Atlantic Ocean. The centerpiece of the development was the creation of the largest artificial marina in South America. The project included two beautiful beaches, a nine hole golf course, yacht club, club house, guest bungalows and equestrian center. 

The project developed infrastructure for power generation, water and waste treatment and respective distribution systems. An onsite quarry generated rocks both for a gabion wall system and breakwater that formed the nine foot deep marina walls. Dredging for the marina filled behind the marina walls to create waterfront lots. A local village was created for the indigenous fishermen and workers. A three mile long access road from the main highway was carefully constructed hugging the steep hills between the highway and the ocean using native plants for soil stabilization.


Originally planned by Bechtel in San Francisco, the project was undertaken in 1978 using Brazilian resources. Unforeseen difficulties were encountered and the project came to a standstill after 6 months at only 10% completion and the entire project was at risk. A small experienced US team assumed responsibility with on site management of Steven Hall. The complex task of diagnosis, redirection and restart had to be simultaneous to keep investment in place and to achieve success by regaining the original schedule and budget. Substantial completion of a planned 18 month project occurred 12 months later.

Project Type  -    Commercial
Location   -   “Laranjeiras” BRAZIL