Chandler is a professional services firm founded by Steven Chandler Hall. The consultancy provides services to owners for projects in the built environment for planning, development, design and construction. 

Steve has a long career in various management roles on a diverse range of projects in the US and overseas. He has incorporated sustainable development features throughout his career. To best serve his clients, he saw the need to expand his role with similarly minded professionals with complementary skills. In particular he saw the emerging market for high performance energy efficient projects. The firm he created has the expertise and experience for all facets of residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Award-winning team

Award-winning team

Chandler provides a personalized service to tailor precise solutions to specific client needs. The firm was founded on the hallmark premise of adding value. We are in our 17th year of service.






  • We are grounded in the principles and practice of servant leadership
  • Our role is to serve those we lead to allow them to maximize their performance to the benefit of our clients
  • We do so with humility, integrity, respect and cooperation
  • Our approach releases a symbiosis in the project team that creates energy and opportunity
  • Human values are the engine for success
  • We are often described as the symphony conductor




Name: Steven Chandler Hall

Education: BA Architecture, Princeton University
Graduate Studies, Land & City Planning, UCSD

Military Service: US Navy Pilot

Experience: 40+ Years

Email: steve.hall@chandlerllc.com



Steve personally oversees the development of individual projects and oversees respective project teams in the execution of activities for the owner. From the world of design his interests evolved into project management. After his service as a US Navy pilot, he joined Bechtel in San Francisco. His work included nuclear and fossil power plants and the creation of a new city in Borneo as Senior Project Planner. Subsequently for a consulting firm, he successfully executed the work out of a contractor default on 22 projects of $500M (1981) in bonded value across the US for Travelers.

Many years of experience in project management of both design development and construction of numerous projects across the United States and in several countries overseas informs his work. Steve has a unique background in a diversity of projects that range from heavy industrial to high-value commercial and residential. In addition to building design and construction, Steve has extensive experience in pre-construction planning, land development and infrastructure related to site work development.

As a result of his official role in the 1996 UN Habitat II Conference in Istanbul, Turkey; Steve has been exploring and implementing options of bringing sustainable development practices into his work and into the mainstream of design and construction. Based on the recent Chandler project of an energy retrofit of the Princeton Club of NY, he published a white paper with Environmental Design+Construction promoting a national retrofit program that evolved into the Connecticut C-PACE Program. Steve is a guest lecturer on the subject at the New York University Shack Institute of Real Estate Center for the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE).

Steve has immersed himself in energy efficiency technology exploring all aspects with strategic partners evaluating a number of projects some small, others quite large. He is a trusted advisor for project development to Aether LLC, on an innovative funding model for very large projects. He has been accredited by the Investor Confidence Project as well as by the Connecticut Green Bank as a C-Pace Contractor.


16 years as a firm based in Greenwich Connecticut

Many years of experience on a variety of projects across the country and overseas


The Chandler mission is simple. We believe by doing good we will do well. That we define as successfully fulfilling the objectives of our clients in creating high performance buildings. Furthermore by doing so we are making the world a better place. We do so with our stated values internally with our teams and externally with all other stakeholders in the project including the local community.