New England Farm



In Northwest Connecticut a couple bought a tired 220 acre former New England farm. Their intent was to rejuvenate the farm with permaculture based organic farming and to design and build an energy efficient home for weekend and eventual use as a permanent residence. Environmental care was the platform for planning, design and construction coupled with the use of renewable energy sources. Chandler was hired to assemble a consultant team. With the owners Chandler facilitated a values driven collaboration with an integrated design team process and managed and coordinated development in design and construction.



The well insulated house incorporated forms reflecting the rolling hills surrounding the project site as well as using locally sourced and recycled materials. Landscaping also was in concert with and enhanced the local environment coupled with the restoration of a farm pond. The house was heated and cooled with a ground sourced heat pump system (GSHP) using power from a 41 KW ground mounted solar array. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS) were secured contributing to a projected lifecycle return on investment of 16% together with Net Metering of power fed back to the grid. The pool, spa and adjacent greenhouse were heated with a solar hot water and storage system offsetting the need and cost for fossil fuel.