A large residential renovation project for an early 20th century house experienced difficulties with significant delays and cost over runs during construction. The contractor defaulted on the project near the end of the job. Chandler was recommended by the attorney and engaged to evaluate project status. A 250 item punch list was developed with the Owner. Plans and specifications were reviewed and compared to deficiencies. Much work was not documented in out of date design documents or in the contract records. The architect was unavailable for assistance. 

A detailed workout program was set with detailed budget and schedule. All subcontractors and vendors were re-engaged and payment status was verified against work in place. The program was set in motion with daily on site management to finish uncompleted work, correct deficiencies and resolve outstanding design issues.

The workout experience and skills of Chandler were invaluable to the Owner in bringing to project to completion and obtaining all approvals and permits. Reports and documentation by Chandler allowed successful contract terminations for the Owner.

Chandler approached the completion as in any project with scheduling and budget controls to inform the Owner and provide benchmarks for performance. Chandler executed procurement of all outstanding items. Weekly meetings and numerous on site meetings with subcontractors and vendors re-energized all parties for a successful completion.

The Owner has expressed gratitude for the work of Chandler and regrets that the company had not been engaged at the outset of the project.