Chandler provides management services for the development of projects in the built environment. We serve the commercial, institutional and residential markets for small to mid size projects. 

Our Core Service is the management of the planning, design and construction of building projects. 

Our Collateral Service is the delivery of High Performance Buildings. Some call them Green, we call them Common Sense.


Our core service creates value for our clients in management efficiency and cost avoidance. Our collateral service creates additional value with energy incentives, savings and non debt funding opportunities. The value of either or both services well exceed the cost of our services. 

Learn how we can create value for your project with the Chandler Advantage 


Projects have became complex as technology has evolved. Apart from the traditional team of architect and contractor the project often requires a number of specialty consultants hired by the owner. The work of these additional consultants must be closely coordinated with the architectural design and construction. 

For high performance or certified projects, a new dimension must be applied. Reports and facts now confirm that it is good business now and for the long term. Yet other sets of expertise are required and must be managed and coordinated. 

For maximum economic leverage and benefit, all owner objectives, and especially financial, must be framed at the early concept stage with strategic planning. 

We have are well versed in expertise and with certifications to blend all the information into an executable project. We understand the process and all the interrelationships. Our management experience will create a successful project.

Preconstruction Feasibility Studies Permitting and Approvals
Consultant Selection and Management Project Budgeting, Scheduling and Tracking
Design Review Cost Estimating
Cost Analysis Trend and Risk Analysis
Bidding Strategies Bid Evaluation and Buyout
Procurement Claims Analysis and Avoidance
Contract Administration: Design and Construction LEED Management for Certification